Damon Carter – Waterroom

Release Date: 16. November 2015
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Hello autumn, hi folks, we are back from our summer break and we are proud to introduce our new artist from Hertfordshire, Great Britain: Say hello to Damon Carter. Damon’s style is unique. He is taking a mildly different approach to producing deep house music with lush, cut synths and deep bass outlets by combining skill and forward-looking ideas with style. His first EP Water room on Deephouse Berlin includes 3 Tracks. Tune in, take a deep breath and enjoy the golden autumn. Falling Down Falling down, shit happens everyday more or less. So you better get up and move on. Dance the night away, tomorrow is just another day. The beats are so strong, they will last long. Unlax Beats are bumbing, you are dancing, but you need to rest. So even when you stop, thoughts are running through your head. You are driven by this game, everyday the same. Unlax, whatever’s meant to happen, will happen; And everything that has happened, happened for a reason. Water room Could you ever imagine being in a water room? It might be threating and beautiful as well. Would you shiver and shake, feeling helpless and anxious or would you enjoy seeing the water with a hint of blue or green floating the room? Water is essential for all life on earth, like music, too.